Thane's April Blog

Howdy from the ranch! This month my humans have really amped up their work with the weather being so cooperative. The garden pub is almost done and the garden is about to be planted. Events are happening left and right and I know humans are leaving here happy. How could they not? My humans make sure the service is great, the venue is clean and the scenery is the best in this part of Texas. My daily duties continue when it comes to chasing the human puppies around, the oldest puppy is so sweet. She makes sure my food bowl is always full. The middle one sneaks off to H and Shay's A LOT....keeping up with her is a chore but nothing like the two puppies that look just alike....I can smell them and know the difference but the humans cannot always tell them apart. I still escort H and future guests and clients on tours around the ranch. That's the best part of my job. I got another steak from a wonderful guest this past week. I am so loved. Paws down, best place to be EVER! You should come visit me too. Did you know there is free fishing to cabin guests? And my humans say only $10 if your just here for the day. On another note, I over heard H say that he was going to have to make some new rules when it came to cleaning the venue after an event. Things like sequins and Chocolate cake were dropped on the ground and left there after an event was over. We all know awesome doggies like me cannot have chocolate or plastic so there will be more specific cleaning requirements for the end of events. It will be better for my ranch, my humans and of course me, the awesome Great Pyrenees that I am. Well, I gotta go chase a goose away from Cora and make sure Patton, the goat, stays in his pen. Hope to see you soon.