Thane's Welcome

Hey folks, Thane here. My owners thought that since I get consistently better reviews, paws down, than just about anything or anyone on the ranch, including H, that I should post an article in the monthly newsletter. Now I must admit that I love people, and I especially love my owners' children. The little twins are a howl now, let me tell you. Sometimes they will sneak out of the house and make their way over to the grandparent's house, and I follow along keeping watch over them. I especially enjoy visiting cabin guests and those who come to the ranch for a tour. Everyone gets a charge out of me running in front of the JD Gator UTV, as H is giving them a tour of the ranch and wedding ceremony sites.
"Snowmeggdon" was something else, let me tell you. H told me that he had never seen a winter storm like that in his lifetime. He enjoyed telling folks that I was the only one on the entire ranch that liked the snow and freezing weather, and he was right! I loved it! The cold did not bother me very much at all.
Life is great here on the ranch. I just love it. Feel like I am one blessed dog, let me tell you. Love meeting folks, making new friends, and taking care of my family. Sometimes it's hard work, keeping up with the kids all day, checking on cabin guests, and barking at the coyotes all night, but, hey, I am proud to do it.
Well gotta go. No telling what Cora has been into since I have been putting this piece together. Stop in and see me sometime.